Wow, just wow!!! This kettlebell expo went from being just a friendly competition with a few goodmates. To attracting athletes from all around the globe! What an honor to host everyone here in the gym at Kettlebell Central.

We were pleased to host two Russian athletes, Dhzoni & Nikolai, and two of their coaches, Arkadii & Sergey. Putting on a fantastic display of athleticism on competition day. As well as coaching everyone through the kettlebell sport lifts on the Sunday. We are still in shock about the fact that they were actually here, in our gym,teaching us!! These are the best athletes in the WORLD, both of them being world record holders in their weight classes. Thank you for making the massive trip over to come and see us, we will be forever grateful!

We had a handful of athletes compete for the first time. Dipping their toes in the water with a 5-minute set, to see what it’s all about. All faired well, with everyone lasting the full 5 minutes and surprising themselves with the results achieved!

A special shout out to Eunice and Peter who completed an 8 week challenge that led into the competition. Before comp day they had barely touched a kettlebell, let alone knowthat it was an actual sport. They trained every week, in classes at Kettlebell Central, completed their own personalized training programs under the guidance of Kettlebell Jess. While attending the Open Lift group session every Saturday! Congratulations on your results can’t wait to see you up on the platform again!

What a fantastic group of people to be apart of. It was an awe-inspiring day, with fantastic numbers achieved on the platform. A massive thank you to every single person who helped with setting up the competition, Shannon and Cheryl who were the Russians guides and all the judges on the day of the competition. The day would not have been what it was without you.

We all had a fun day out! Look forward to seeing you all again at the Kettlebell expo next year.

Merry Christmas!

Kettlebell Jess

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