GSAA comes back to Beyond Limits for the 2018 Coffs Open. This event is our final Traditional event leading up to the 2018 IUKL World Championship in Latvia in October.

This event is open to all athletes at all levels in an array of events to select from. We look forward to seeing Team Australia athletes getting in a final platform practice plus GSAA members travelling to Northern NSW for their last competition opportunity of the year.

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  • We are one block walking distance to the CBD. Parking: Limited on site, Available on side streets and CBD.


  • 5min Biathlon (one arm and two arm)
  • 5min Longcycle (one arm and two arm)
  • 5min Snatch only
  • 10min Biathlon (one arm and two arm)
  • 10min Longcycle (one arm and two arm)
  • 10min Snatch only

Kettlebell Weights:

  • 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 32kg

Body weight classes:

  • Men 58/63/68/73/78/85/95/105/105+
  • Female 53/58/63/68/68+

Host Contacts:

  • Host name: Tracy Welsh
  • Phone: 0429 695 096 / 02 6699 5000
  • Email:
  • Host website:
  • Facebook updates
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