Great day of lifting by everyone at the UGC half marathon stage 2 and the GSAA Victorian State titles in Bendigo. Special mention to both our juniors who were just amazing.

The Results for the 30mins Half Marathon:

Flight 1
Keira Lawry ( junior) Snatch 10kg 292 reps
Georgia Welsh OALC 16kg 328 reps.
Sophie Tresize OALC 16kg 316 reps
Sarah Lea OALC 20kg 306 reps .

Flight 2
Sarah Blatchford OALC 16kg 334 reps
Cheryl Schneider OALC 16kg 410 reps
Cindy Rella OALC 12kg 430 reps
Danielle Stevenson Jerks 569 reps

Flight 3
Melanie Harris OALC 20kg 321 reps
Jessie Crozier Snatch 16kg 356 reps
Hayley Lethlean Half Snatch 8kg 606 reps
Brigge Ruyter-Hooley OALC 24kg 298 reps

Flight 4
Don Grant OALC 24kg 374 reps
Shannon Pigdon OALC 22kg 381 reps
Joel Gill OALC 20kg 354 reps

Flight 5
Jenny Fletcher Half Snatch 18kg 375 reps
Maxine Smith Half Snatch 16kg 305 reps
Simon Hikaka Half Snatch 28kg 406 reps
Sam Murray Jerks 16kg 726 reps

Flight 6 ( Traditional 10mins)
Cindy Rella TALC 8kg 142 reps
Cheryl Schneider TALC 10kg 120 reps
James Ross TALC 24kg 102 reps (?? Eligible to compete in IUKL championships for Australia)

Video submissions
Cindy Rella Jerks 12 kg 661 reps
Andrew Elkner OALC 16kg 319 reps.