The first stage of the GSAA hosting the Ultimate Girevik Cup will take place as a live event on March 16th in Bendigo. This competition features 30 minute Half Marathon lifts of:

  • Long Cycle
  • Snatch
  • Jerk
  • Half Snatch

For GSAA members, this event is also a qualifying stage for the IKMF World Championships in Poland (November).

Video Submission for this event is available and must be completed 1 week before the live event, by March 9th 2019. Members will be sent instructions and requirements once they have registered via the VIDEO SUBMISSION selection on the registration form.

Requirements to be part of the Australian National Team selection:

  • Participate in the 3 stages of the UGC throughout 2019.
  • Remote video submissions are permitted for qualification and required by the 9th March 2019.
  • Have certified minimum rank of CMS validated by a certified judge for the Elite division.
  • The inclusion of athletes in amateur category will require a minimum of Rank 1 and be subject to the technical proficiency of the participant and the decision of the IKMF country representative.
  • The athletes of the National team must be financial members of GSAA.
  • Rules & Ranks:
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  • Date: 16th March 2019
  • Weigh in Time: 9am
  • Start Time: 10am
  • Gym name: Rock Hard Kettlebells
  • Address: 27 Mc Dowalls Rd, East Bendigo, VIC 3550
  • Junior / Adult fee: $29 / $49
  • Video Submission Date: All videos must be in by March 9th 2019. Instructional email will be sent to all registrants regarding video submissions.



  • 30 mins Half Snatch
  • 30 mins Snatch
  • 30 mins One Arm Jerk
  • 30 mins One Arm Long Cycle

Kettlebell Weights:

  • 8kg, 10kg*, 12kg, 14kg*, 16kg, 20kg, 22kg*, 24kg, 26kg*, 28kg, 30kg*, 32kg
  • * Please note, these kettlebell weights will only be available at Ultimate Girevik Cup competitions.

Body weight classes:

  • Male: Under 75kg / 75-85kg / Over 85kg
  • Female: Under 60kg / 60-70kg / Over 70kg

Event Contact:

  • Name: Girevoy Sport Australia
  • Email:
  • Facebook Updates
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