2023 GSAA Interstate Open 3 – May 6th

Our 4th Kettlebell Lifting Competition for the 2023 GSAA season will take place at GSAA Hubs around Australia on May 6th.

Video Submissions are available April 29th-30th for those unable to make our Live Event.

GSAA members of all levels are welcome and invited to participate on our platforms.

Online Entry/Video Submission registrations close April 27th.
Live Event registrations close May 3rd.

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The GSAA Kettlebell Lifting Open will feature:

5 minute
10 minute
30 minute

-Long Cycle
-One Arm Long Cycle
-Half Snatch
-Double Half Snatch
-Military Snatch^
-One Arm Biathlon*

All Ranks and Records will be up for contention for all members. Athletes of the Australian National Kettlebell Team can qualify additional disciplines for representation at WKSF Worlds Championships (Hungary, June 2023) in accordance to Girevoy Sport Australia requirements.

LIVE EVENT: Saturday, April 1st (Start times TBC)
VIDEO SUBMISSIONS: Saturday, March 25th – Sunday, March 26th.

GSAA Hubs:
Artgym – Hobart (TAS)
Lonedog – Albury (NSW)
Rella’s Strength – Melbourne (VIC)
AJ’s Sport Centre – Brisbane (QLD)
Surge Fitness – Perth (WA)
Online Entry

1 x 5min or 10min event or Military Snatch – $59
2 x 5/10min events° or 1 x 30min Event – $69
Triathlon – $79

1 x 5min or 10min event or Military Snatch – $29
2 x 5/10min events° or 1 x 30min – $34
Triathlon – $39

^12 minute event only.
~10 minute events only.
*5 & 10 minute events only.
°includes Biathlon

Registrations OPEN NOW

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