gsarooeyWelcome to the Association for Kettlebell Sport in Australia

Kettlebell sport is the ultimate expression of the art of repetition kettlebell lifting. The training process hones skills of mental fortitude and efficient power development. Those who train this way learn to work with, not against the implement and in doing so truly learn to unite mind and body.

Girevoy (Kettlebell,handlebell, weightball) Sport (aka “GS”), as developed in Russia is now attracting highly committed athletes from all parts of the world. This is not a sport for the faint hearted but attracts those who cannot resist the challenge of developing remarkable strength/power endurance. The methods used in training are also excellent for general physical preparation for other sports disciplines , whilst the specific competition lifts can be pursued as a personal improvement exercise in itself…even if official competition is not pursued.

The sport lends itself to home training at the athletes convenience. Worldwide there is a rapidly growing interest in this niche sport as athletes of all ages , especially those from endurance and strength sports backgrounds are attracted to the unique challenges and fabulous physical rewards…at any age.

Paul Tucker (first Australian team member in 2006)