On January 26th, athletes are competing to be the best all-round Kettlebell Sport athlete in Western Australia. Surge Fitness Perth CBD will host this unique event that will put Long Cycle vs. Snatch, women vs. men, juniors vs. veterans, one bell vs. two bells on a level playing field to uncover who is pound for pound the most talented lifter on the day!

For example, we may see a male Junior lifting 8kg Snatch (10min), 12kg OALC (5min) and 8kg OAJ (10min) take on a female Open lifter 12kg Jerk (5min), 20kg Snatch (5min) and 16kg OAJ (10min) also a female Veteran lifter 8kg Snatch (10min), 8kg Jerk (10min), 16kg OALC (5min), 12kg OAJ (5min) and 12kg Long Cycle (5min).

The combinations are endless with up to 5 lifts to select from at any weights you choose. The Champion will be based on a coefficient formula designed specifically for this event.

In conjunction with the Australian Day Challenge, GSAA will be offering traditional 10 minute and 5 minute events for novices, amateurs and professionals alike.

This competition will be the first qualifier for GSAA members looking to advance to the WKSF Championships in Ireland and also a stage of qualification for Professional Lifters looking towards the IUKL Championships in Serbia.

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  • Date: Saturday 26th January 2019
  • Weigh in Time: 8am
  • Start Time: 9am
  • Gym name: Surge Fitness
  • Address: 10 Telethon Ave, Perth, WA 6000
  • Junior / Adult fee: $29 / $49

Events Available:

  • Australia Day Challenge (please specify lifts and KB in comments on registration page)
  • Biathlon 10 minutes
  • Long Cycle 10 minutes
  • OALC 10 minutes
  • Snatch Only 10 minutes
  • Jerk Only 10 minutes
  • OAJ Only 10 minutes

Kettlebell Weights Available:

8/12/16/20/24/32/ Other (please specify in comments)

Body weight classes:

  • Female < 48 kg
  • Female < 53 kg
  • Female < 58 kg
  • Female < 63 kg
  • Female < 69 kg
  • Female < 75 kg
  • Female < 80 kg
  • Female > 80 kg
  • Male < 56 kg
  • Male < 62 kg
  • Male < 69 kg
  • Male < 77 kg
  • Male < 85 kg
  • Male < 94 kg
  • Male < 105 kg
  • Male > 105 kg

Event Contact:

Entrants can participate in more than one event. Select your events and Australia Day Challenge on the registration page. Good luck!

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