Our journey started at Rockhard in Bendigo’s winter and culminated in Sonderborg (Denmark) and we are still in winter.

Today the result of all our hard work came to fruition.

Results are finally in for the Australian Kettlebell marathon team. Just been notified that our Australian team came in 5th overall out of 12 countries. Amazing results for our first international kettlebell marathon competition!

4 x World record holders are:
Maxine Smith MSWC 60mins H/Snatch 712 reps (corrected) 12kg vet 2, under 60kg (Gold medalist)
Jen Fletcher MSWC 60mins H/Snatch 991 reps 12kg vet 2, 60-70kg ( Gold medalist)
Hayley Lethlean MSWC 60mins Snatch 1107 reps 12kg vet 1, 60-70kg (Gold medalist)
Melanie Harris, Team Captain MSWC 60mins Jerk 1011 reps 16kg Open Division, under 60kg ( Gold medalist)

Next we have the following:
Don Grant Coach CMS 60mins Jerk 994 reps 20kg vet 2, over 85kg (Gold medalist)
Sam Murray 30mins Jerk 434 reps 32kg Open division, over 85kg (Gold medalist)
Melanie Harris Team Captain CMS 30mins Jerk 408 reps 20kg Open division (Gold medalist)
Angela Brown CMS 60mins OALC 670reps 16kg Open division, under 60kg (Silver medalist)
Adam Waters 60mins Jerks 524reps 24kg Open division, 75-85kg (Bronze medalist)
Georgia Welsh 30mins OALC 329reps 12kg Junior division, 70kg+ (Bronze medalist)

Our team surprised many of the other countries and judges with our high level of proficency and outstanding results in this gruelling form of kettlebell sports. So well done team.

Special thanks to my Kettlebell coach, Sergey Rudnev for mentoring me through the years and giving me the skills to coach and lead my team. Special mention to Stewie Moulden Stewie’s House of BJJ for giving us his time and skill sets in the lead to the World championships.Thanks mate the experience was invaluable.

Thanks also to all our sponsors for believing in us.