Cheryl Schneider & Shannon Pigdon representing Girevoy Sport Australia. Joining Rhonda Glick (USA Kettlebell Sport Lifting) supporting Valentin Egorov of the International Union Of Kettlebell Lifting to continue advancing Kettlebell Sport toward global recognition and Olympic considerations.

Girevoy Sport extended its GAISF Observation Status while connecting with the Heads of International Federations at the Sports Accord 2019 on the Gold Coast.

Sharing insights into Kettlebell Sport at SportAccord 2019 held this year in Australia.

Here Shannon Pigdon (Lonedog PT, Albury) introduces kettlebell lifting to Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations and current Chair of Ethics for International Olympic Committee.

Shannon was part of the Girevoy Sport Australia team assisting the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting obtain the extended GAISF Observer status required to keep advancing Kettlebell Sport towards Olympic recognition and inclusion.

We are delighted to report that these diplomatic interactions were a success!