Press PLAY button to see the Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle


After the command “Start” Two Kettlebells are taken from the platform and swung back between the legs and Cleaned into the rack position.

NOTE: It is permissible in the two Kettlebell events to swing the two Kettlebells outside the legs or body in a “Gunslinger Action”.

Once in the rack position, the elbows are pressed into the trunk and legs/knees are in an anatomically neutral position.

If a belt is worn the arms cannot touch the belt under any circumstances.

There is a brief pause in the rack position before each jerk cycle. The Kettlebell(s) must be moved from the rack to overhead fixation in a continuous movement.
Within the Jerk cycle there are two distinct knee bends or knee dips:
1. First knee bend or 1st Dip with the Kettlebell(s) in the rack position.
2. Second knee bend or 2nd dip just after the initial leg drive with the Kettlebell(s) rising and just prior to the elbows being locked out.

If the judge does not see a distinguishable second knee bend then the athlete will be issued a No-count.