The Kettleyoga program addresses a little practiced, but integral aspect of Kettlebell sport – Mobility.

I find that because of day to day life, work, driving, watching our phones! That a lot of Kettlebell sport athletes struggle with finding relaxation in both rack and overhead position, Due to poor posture, through limited thoracic spine and hip mobility (to name but a few).

With better mobility in Kettlebell sport, you can relax more in these positions, saving energy. Making lifting more comfortable, more efficient and safer. Whilst also conserving more energy and thus increasing numbers.

I came up with the Kettleyoga system to help all Kettlebell sport athletes. It certainly helped me achieve great results and world records, and I want to help you all to achieve your full potential.

Where & When

  • Lonedog PT – Albury
  • 14th July 2019
  • 9am
  • Rockhard Kettlebells – Bendigo
  • 20th July 2019
  • 9am
Maximum of 15 people for each date.
Cost $160 – Must be a GSAA Member
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