KettleGuard – Reinforced Wrist Wrap Compact


“I’ve tried all types of forearm and wrist protection until I finally realized that there is nothing on the market specifically designed for Kettlebell Lifters. So we decided to create our own! The slim fit and all around padding makes it a perfect companion for anyone using a kettlebell. Whether you are competing in Kettlebell Sport or training at home, the KettleGuard is a must have.”

Jessica DiBiase
1st American Female Master of Sport in the Long Cycle

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NEW for 2013! Same best in class standards with a shorter length. KettleGuard Compact Version is less then 10cm (9.4cm) and is designed for lifters who prefer a shorter length wrist wrap.

Two padded wrist guards custom designed for kettlebell lifters! KettleGuard is the only protective wrist band product on the market to address the technical and comfort issues associated with kettlebell lifting and training. KettleGuard is the choice of World Champions and beginners alike! KettleGuard has protected athletes on the platform at IUKL Open Cup of Europe, WKC World Championships, as well as countless other prestigious International Kettlebell Competitions!

Avoid forearm discomfort with adjustable inserts for varying levels of protection against impact. 360 degrees of padding. Slim fit for ease of use. Pulls on and off like standard sweat bands. Lite weight, machine washable, one size fits all. Sweat absorbent.

Color: Black with white logo. 1 pair (two wrist guards)
One set of inserts included (so not necessary to purchase the inserts separately)

Patent pending technology.

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