The Girevoy Sport Australia Association (GSAA) is pleased to announce it has developed a new ranking table, which will be known as the GSAA Ranking table. This table will replace the IUKL/IKSFA tables as the primary sorting tool for competitors at all GSAA competitions in Australia going forward.

This update will eliminate confusion created by the use of multiple tables by the GSAA. The new table is easier to read and shows the rankings for men and women on the same page, rather than on separate tables, which is quicker and easier for both coaches and athletes to reference. It also allows for both genders to have rankings for single and double bells giving the GSAA community “equal opportunity”.

The GSAA has used the IUKL/IKSFA tables since 2007 in the absence of its own table, with concerns being raised by members regarding both tables and their application to Australian kettlebell sport. Creating a single table based on these two tables and the development of the sport within Australia means the GSAA can provide members with access to official judging courses, as well as giving official recognition of athlete rankings and one set of rules for competition, all of which it has not been possible to provide while using other associations’ ranking tables.

“What has been developed is a system looking at athletes analytically, which assisted the GSAA in selecting new weight categories (Based on other successful associations like the Australian Weightlifting Federation) allowing a better cross section of our community. This change ensures we are able to enforce a standard while being able to encourage new participants. While no perfect rankings exist, the decision to unify the scoring system in Australia will give new opportunities and recognition for athletes within Australia.”

 – Cheryl Schneider, President GSAA

While the GSAA understands a small group of athletes will be required to refer to the weight classes as per the federation in which they want to compete in at international competitions, this will only affect professional athletes competing for World Championships. In this case, these athletes will be required to use the weight classes set out by the applicable federation/association. This will be addressed at Registration for the Australian Nationals.

The GSAA has spent months putting this table together to create a better outcome for its members. The GSAA appreciates all members taking the time to familiarise themselves with the new table, which is now available as a printable PDF here.