Introductions and the rules of the day!

As a competitor of last years nationals, all I can say is… “wow” how this sport continues to grow in Australia. The inspiring event was held at The Richmond Gym funnily enough also in Richmond, Melbourne. Hosted by James Ross and his team, they managed to pull off a very smooth running event, with every competitor getting recognised, including new Australian champions being crowned, a few Master of Sports achieved and a new team Australia to be announced for the 2016 IUKL World Championships. That said here is the wrap-up…

The Growth of Competitors

As mentioned above the growth in this sport is impressive and very sustainable, and I think that’s what any organisation aims to achieve. Off the back of a successful 2016 Arnold Classic in March which was organised by Jad Marinovic (Kettlebell Athletica), this years Nationals had more than double the number of competitors than last years held in the Sunshine Coast (see below). We had a variety of individual entries and team entries including Lone Dog who had 4 competing, Kettlebell Jess has 6, The Richmond Gym had 7 and as always Rock Hard showing their force with 10 competitors from country Victoria – Bendigo.

2016 Nationals Competitors – Richmond, Melbourne.

Flight Schedules

IMG_6260Every event/flight held today was 10 minutes in length with 5 minutes of rest between. Starting at 11:30am and finishing up by 3pm, we had a variety of ages compete from 13 years of age through to champions in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Proof that this sport welcomes anyone who has a will to compete in an athletic sport.

To top off the official events there was a demonstration Doubles Long Cycle for females. Whilst the IUKL has now introduced a second event for females to compete in, the One Arm Kettlebell long cycle (OALC), these tough aussie gals showed that 10 minutes with two arm double kettlebells (TALC) is also very achievable.flight1

Two Arm Long Cycle (TALC) demonstration for females – Don’t mess with them!


Masters of Sport and Results

With some amazing and inspiring results held on the day there was hats off to all which even warranted celebratory beers afterwards, thanks to the nice brew Brooklyn Lager. But standouts results where the 3 Masters of Sports achieved on the day.

  • James Ross in Long Cycle using 32 kg Kettlebells, achieving 58 Reps in the body weight class under 85 kg
  • Daniel Hutchinson in Long Cycle using 32 kg, achieving 66 Reps in the body weight class under 95 kg
  • Barbie Keller in females one arm Long Cycle using 24 kg, achieving 104 Reps in the body weight class 68kg

There was also 2 Candidate Master of Sport achieved on the day, both in one arm Long cycle females.

  • Alison Drennan using 20 kg kettlebells, in body weight class under 63kg, with 123 Reps
  • Sarah Lea using 20 kg Kettlebells, in body weight class 68kg, with 107 Reps

With plenty of action throughout the flights, and everyone that competed getting recognized with either a medal or certificate it was certainly a rewarding experience for everyone on the day. You can view the results/protocol file here >>

More photos of all the events/flights can be seen here > 

2016 IUKL World Championship Qualifiers

A note from president – Jad Marinovic.

Congratulations once again to all the 2016 Girevoy Sport Australia Association National Championship participants and also to all athletes who have qualified to represent Australia at the 2016 IUKL World Championship which will be held in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe October 26-30, 2016. GSAA is formally affiliated with the IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting and all affiliated members and associations affiliated with the IUKL are eligible to compete at the IUKL World Championships!

GSAA Nationals Results File

IKSFA PRO Ranks Achieved

Master of Sport x 3

James Ross 32 kg 58 Reps w/c 85 kg
Daniel Hutchinson 32 kg 66 Reps w/c 95 kg
Barbie Keller 24 kg 104 Reps w/c 68+

Candidate Master of Sport x 2

Alison Drennan 20 kg w/c 63kg 123 Reps
Sarah Lea 20 kg w/c 68+ 107 Reps

2016 Qualified Team Australia Members at the GSAA Nationals!

Professional, Amateur and Veteran Division!

Jason Crook w/c 85 kg

James Ross w/c 85kg
Daniel Hutchinson w/c 95+kg

Steph Jessup w/c 63kg
Jessica Wadd w/c 68kg
Cheryl Schneider w/c +68kg

Adam Waters w/c 73kg
Shannon Pigdon w/c 85kg,
Samual Murray w/c 95

Doug Kelly w/c 90 kg


Valerie Abbott w/c 63kg,
Sharyn Millis w/c 68+


Hayley Lethlean 45-49 kg w/c 68+


Jenny Fletcher 50-54kg w/c 68
Jo Morgan 50-54 w/c +68kg


Maxine Smith 60-64 w/c absolute category

NOTE: All veteran athletes can also compete in the Amateur category with 16 kg!

The next step is to form the official Team Australia once athletes who qualified confirm that they are going to represent Australia. The official 2016 Team Australia member list will be posted once everyone has confirmed they are representing Australia at the IUKL World Championship in Kazakhstan!.

Please confirm you want to represent Australia in Kazakhstan by sending an email to
Please don’t hesitate to send an email to if you have any further questions.


“ In 2nd IUKL WOMEN’S LONG CYCLE TRIALS are participate Female athletes from national federations and countries that are the members of IUKL, and also Female athletes that have got the personal confirmation of participation or invitation for participation. Female athletes can compete in a few exercises of 2nd IUKL WOMEN’S LONG CYCLE TRIALS.” Please send an email to if you are interested in participating in the LC Trials at the 2016 IUKL World Championship!

NOTE: Entry applications should be submitted before September 10, 2016. If entry applications are submitted after the September 10, 2016 participation fees are paid in double amount.

Kind Regards
Jad Marinovic
President, GSAA
IUKL Representative