June 2nd 2018 – The Richmond Gym, Melbourne VIC

Men’s Biathlon
James Ross 24kg 198 pts
Nick Efthimiou 24kg 170 pts
Simon Hikaka 26kg 140.5 pts
Shannon Pigdon 24kg 102 pts
Rory Lim 16kg 182.5 pts

Women’s Biathlon
Lisa Gorman 12kg 233 pts
Amy Dwyer 14kg 208.5 pts

Men’s Long Cycle
Kristian Karlsen 24kg 102 reps
Maxim Cherepovitsyn 24kg 53 reps
Shannon Pigdon 24kg 33 reps
Roger Ruzzier 28kg 26 reps

Women’s Long Cycle
Cindy Rella 10kg 139 reps
Emma Jane Francis 12kg 100 reps

Men’s Snatch
Kristian Karlsen 24kg 148 reps
Simon Hikaka 20kg 121 reps
Roger Ruzzier 24kg 100 reps

Women’s Snatch
Cheryl Schneider 22kg 119 reps
Tara Ryan 12kg 123 reps
Elise Tuffy 16kg 80 reps
Tracey Gunn 8kg 74 reps

Men’s Jerk
Roger Ruzzier 20kg 53 reps

Women’s OALC
Cheryl Schneider 22kg 104 reps
Cindy Rella 16kg 133 reps
Tara Ryan 12kg 99 reps
Tracey Gunn 12kg 74 reps
Elise Tuffy 16kg 82 reps

Thank you to all the athletes and spectators for their wonderful contributions on the day.

Our next meeting is the BIG ONE:

GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championships
Saturday July 7th
Albury Entertainment Centre