Hugh Jackman can act, sing and dance making him Australia’s triple threat entertainer.
Who would be the Triple Threat in Girevoy Sport?

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GSAA will hold 3 events over 3 months to seek out kettlebell lifting’s all rounder.

Each lifter will demonstrate their chops at single bell lifting, double bell lifting and multi-switch to showcase the endurance, strength and speed required in Kettlebell Sport.

  • June – 10 minute Double Bell Lift (Jerk, Long Cycle, Half Snatch)
  • July – 30 minute Single Bell Lift (Jerk, Snatch, Long Cycle, Half Snatch)
  • August – 12 minute Military Snatch

There will be a female and male winner at the end of the series in 3 categories: Under 18s, 18-50 and 50+.
GSAA Ranking Tables will be used for scoring. The athlete with the lowest score will be declared that categories Triple Threat Lifter.

After Stage 3, the athlete(s) with the lowest score across the three stages will be declared the winner. There will be one female and one male winner declared in the under 18, from 18-50 and 50+ categories. For an athlete to qualify for the ‘triple-threat’ title, they will need to provide a submission for all three events.
The winners will be announced at the 2021 GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championships on September 25th in Hobart, Tasmania and notified by email in the week following.

This GSAA Online Series is intended to help lifters who cannot make our Live lifting dates the freedom to participate in a competition on their own time, give remote regional members a pathway of events to lead them towards Nationals and also give lifters at all levels a chance to connect within this fun and novel challenge.

The winners of each category will receive a Kettlebell Kings competition bell in the size of their choosing delivered to their doorstep*.

$39 per event
$99 for all 3 events

Stage 1: June 1st-30th
Stage 2: July 1st-31st
Stage 3: August 1st-30th

Any GSAA Member

Anywhere in the world you choose!

Instructions for producing and entering each online submission will be delivered to registered athletes at the start of each stage.

*Delivery is free for Australian residence. International GSAA Members may need to make additional shipping arrangements.

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