April 14th, 2018

ArtGym – Hobart, Tasmania

Women’s Snatch
Maxine Smith 12kg 175 reps (CMS -Veteran) ??
Camilla Fogagnolo 16kg 156 reps ??
Eilish Kidd 16kg 130 reps ??
Cheryl Schneider 24kg 85 reps (CMS) ??
Stacey Salter 12kg 144 reps
Alison Brown 12kg 120 reps
Kylie Watling 16kg 83 reps

Women’s OALC
Melanie Harris 20kg 116 reps (CMS) ??
Emma Francis 20kg 112 reps (CMS) ??
Andrea Gadon 16kg 67 reps

Women’s Long Cycle
Jenny Fletcher 12kg 80 reps ??
Cheryl Schneider 8kg 111 reps

Women’s Biathlon
Sophie Tresize 12kg 174 pts
Sarah Lea 12kg 219.5 pts
Lydia Hantke 16kg 92 pts

Men’s Snatch
Simon Hikaka 24kg 176 reps (MS -Veteran)
Travis Stewart 20kg 155 reps
Miskad Kidd 24kg 91 reps
Ben Moell 12kg 137 reps

Men’s Long Cycle
Doug Christie 16kg 22 reps

Men’s Biathlon
Joseph Gadon 16kg 186.5 pts
Shannon Pigdon 20kg 204.5 pts
Priscus Fogagnolo 32kg 66.5 pts
Simon Hikaka 28kg 69.5 pts

??- Indicates completion of a qualification stage for the Australian National Kettlebell Team.

Congratulations to all the competitors and many thanks to Eilish, Miskad and the entire ArtGym community for their wonderful hospitality.

Our next competition will be a Super Event with Rock Hard Bendigo hosting Stage 2 of the Ultimate Girevik Cup and also the GSAA Victorian State Kettlebell Championships on May 5th.

See you there!