MEN’S HEALTH (April 2019 edition) features a terrific article focusing on Kettlebell Sport and the action that took place when the GSAA hosted the Australian Stage of the IUKL World Cup in December at The Richmond Gym. (The Richmond Gym).

James Ross and Anton Anasenko provide both a rounded perspective and a unique look at this Girevoy Sport through their years of experience & mastery.
The article features an amazing recount of Kristian Karlsen’s record breaking lift on the day alongside the battling Russian Team of Chuev & Anasenko plus scenes behind the action from Melbourne’s best gathering of GS athletes in 2018.

Thank you Men’s Health (Men’s Health Australia) for helping GSAA continue its spread of information and growth of Kettlebells in Australia.
Grab yourself a copy for this great insight into Girevoy Sport Australia.