In 2018 GSAA raised the standards for achieving an Australian Record in Traditional 10 minute Girevoy Sport Lifting. These high standards continue for 2019!

There was a bit of furore about the introduction of the New Standard for achieving an Australian Record. This was mainly due to the confusion between Achieving a Rank (see yesterday’s post) and an Australian Record.

It’s really quite simple and here’s the low down on how to set Australian Records:

  • Can only be achieved at GSAA events with digital counters
  • The full time of 10 minutes must be completed for each event, before putting the kettlebell or kettlebells down to be eligible. ***NOTE: If doing Traditional Biathlon you must complete 10 min in both Jerk and Snatch to be eligible for an Australian Record
  • Film the lift or lifts for the full time limit
  • Submit the video to GSAA within 7 days of the Competition/Event completion
  • Adhere to the GSAA Video Recording and Submission Requirements (see below)
  • Video Recording from competition and Submission

For 2019 GSAA is introducing a standard for video recording and submission.

  • All videos must comply with the following:
    Front-on filming
    i. Image must be stable
    ii. In-focus
    iii. No oblique angles
  • Centred on the Athlete
    i. Athlete fills most of the frame
    ii. Not filmed from floor
  • Kettlebell, Elbows, Hands, Feet and Knees must be clearly visibly
  • Remove the Music
    i. YouTube may block your videos so if in-doubt remove the music!
  • Submitted within 7 Days of the Competition/Event completion