May 26, 2018 – Surge Fitness Perth CBD, Western Australia

Men’s Biathlon
Yevhen Kovalyshhen 24kg 171pts
Tristan Crane 20kg 180pts
Robert Croft 24kg 134.5pts
Cameron Green 16kg 162pts
Shannon Pigdon 24kg 97.5pts

Men’s Long Cycle
Rod McMaster 16kg 50 reps

Men’s OALC
Shannon Pigdon 24kg 120 reps
Vincenzo Buonocore 20kg 100 reps
Tristan Crane 32kg 51 reps
Robert Croft 32kg 51 reps

Men’s Jerk
Rod McMaster 16kg 28 reps

Women’s OALC
Cheryl Schneider 20kg 105 reps
Marilyn Tuna 24kg 87 reps
Kerry Bryant 16kg 67 reps
Amanda Dickon 12kg 66 reps
Maree Nicholls 20kg 58 reps

Women’s Snatch
Cheryl Schneider 20kg 135 reps

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to a fantastic day!

Next event:
GSAA Melbourne Open
Saturday June 2nd
The Richmond Gym